Artist, Designer, Storyteller

My former background includes designs and animations for events, photo-editing, vector sculpture design, web design, UX design consultation, presentations, covers (i.e, YouTube banners, farmer’s markets) and daily social media postings for former employers. In other words, mostly digital design. Nowadays my focus is on artistic storytelling content (animated shorts, webcomics, etc) and brand storytelling.

My goal is to accurately visualize ideas and stories in an engaging way, whether that be interactive, animated, 3D, or 2D illustrations. Flexible designs that are socially-conscious and eye-catching.

Experienced with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects etc.) and Blender 3D modeling. Currently experimenting with AR / VR development.

Outside of designing, I’m a casual shinnichi and an animal / sci-fi-tech lover. In my free time I love stargazing, binging reaction vids, walking through new neighborhoods and trying new vegetarian restaurants/dishes (there’re a lot in NYC). My secondary source of income is dog-walking/sitting.

What I Do

Design: (Logos, posters, social media ads)

Illustration (Cover art, 3D models)

Photo-editing (face retouching, light correction, and other general changes)

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