Joseph McFarland @joexrjournal

Interests: Dogs 🐶Synthetic Media, Extended Reality, Accessible tech (Intuitive UI, FOSS, OSH), Open Knowledge, Blockchain tech, Infographics

XR Blogger, Content Creator

For awhile (at least since 90s Crash Bandicoot), I’ve been intrigued with virtual worlds. Immersive digital environments built by pure imagination, largely unbound from resource scarcity or the laws of physics. 3D open-world games kept me entertained for hours (The Sims).

I took many after-school digital design and art classes growing up, and in college mostly studied journalism, sociology, and psychology. Currently trying to throw all that into my blog on extended reality (XR) @OverwriteXR

Over the years post-college I danced between a lot of titles as a digital designer (UI designer, UI consultant, photo-editor, 3D modeler, motion designer, web designer, digital artist, infographic freelancer, visual content creator, etc) but all under the general title of graphic design for digital media.

I attempted two blogs post-college. A social media news blog (@WebShadowNews), and an entertainment blog specifically for graphic designers (@YuforiaStudio). Both are defunct.  The latest project is @OverwriteXR, which is intended to be longterm.

Reporting, examining, and creating content on the Metaverse (and all the XR tools and user stories surrounding it) is a dream hobby that I aim to transform into a livelihood.

Outside of the digital world, I’m a casual shinnichi and an animal / sci-fi-tech lover. My secondary source of income is dog-walking/sitting (which also is my primary exercise and unofficial therapy).

What I Do Currently

Articles on XR and the Metaverse

XR content (I.e, memes) on social media

Research and investments in Metaverse related stocks, blockchains, NFTs, and crypto

3D models / 3D artwork

Studying AR / VR development programming


Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator

Blender 3D program

HTML, CSS, Javascript

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